White Hen Glowing With Joy

I opened the glove compartment, looking for an envelope for the ATM and pulled out a cherry galette, wrapped in wax paper,  from The Round House Cafe.

I held it up to Jon.  “Is this for me?” I asked him.

It still looked delicious, but was a few days old.  Jon put it in the glove compartment so Bud wouldn’t eat it when he left him in the car while getting gas, then forgot about it.

I wasn’t going to eat it, but I knew who would love it.

When we got home, I clucked to the chickens and they came running out from behind the lilac bush by my studio.  I placed the cherry galette on the ground and they approached it tentatively.  And either the sun was shining just right on the white hen, I caught her aura on camera, or she was glowing with joy at the sight of the pastry.

After getting this picture, I left the hens  enjoy their very special breakfast and when I came back later, it was all gone.

2 thoughts on “White Hen Glowing With Joy

  1. A few years ago, Jon took a photo of Gus sitting on one of the donkey’s backs with the early morning sun streaming down on them. It had a supernatural heavenly feel to it. I get the same vibe from this one. Eerie but beautiful. Thanks for sharing, Maria!

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