Jon and Fate Go To Work

“Lets go to work Fate”, Jon said.

Fate wagged her tail, stretched a long downward dog and looked at Jon, expectantly.

She knew just what he was saying, maybe not exactly what the work would be, but that Jon would bring her to a place she wanted to go.

Fate’s work is at The Mansion this afternoon.

She’ll learn to sit still while Jon reads, a variety of books from The Wonky Donkey to Gabriel Garcia’s Marquez’s One Hundred Years Of Solitude  to some of the people who live there.  He usually has a good crowd for his readings and I can’t blame them for showing up.  Jon has a sonorous voice that’s a delight to listen to.

I remember talking to writer Rita Mae Brown, at a joint reading she and Jon were having in Washington DC, about the beauty of Jon’s voice.

And that works out well, because Jon is rarely at a loss for words.

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    1. Sharon, I looked it up before using it. I thought it was the right word but wasn’t really sure of it’s meaning. But when I looked it up, it was just right.

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