My Sheep, Socks and Pumpkin


Socks is one of the first sheep I got.  She came to the farm with Suzy and Tess (who died a few years ago).  She’s a Border Leicester and twice a year she grows a good amount of dark gray wool.  I usually mix her wool with the wool from my Romney, Izzy (The lone sheep).

When we bred the sheep five years ago, Socks gave birth to a boy who I named Pumpkin.   Pumpkins father was a Cheviot (the same breed as my sheep Zelda)  and because he was a white sheep, Pumpkin’s wool is a soft gray, lighter than Socks’.  I mix his wool with my Romney, Biddy’s wool, which is also a light gray.

Pumpkin is a shy whether (a neutered ram) and he makes a very soft “baa” that makes it is easy to distinguish from the other sheep.


4 thoughts on “My Sheep, Socks and Pumpkin

  1. I don’t know much about farm animals so it is much fun to learn all that I do from your blog and Jon’s. Of course I understand that all creatures are individuals but it’s interesting to me that both Liam and Pumpkin are neutered males and we never hear about Pumpkin being difficult and unkind to Red. Only Liam. Is that just the difference in their personalities or is their a hierarchy in the group that only allows one male to be pushy and challenging?

    1. They really are all different. I could see Liam dominant personality when he was just a lamb. I remember thinking that the sooner we castrate him the better. Pumpkin doesn’t seem to have any of that in him. he doesn’t challenge Liam as far as I can see. It’s possible the worked our a pecking order that I’m not aware of. But I tend to think it’s more about personality, because some of the female sheep have challenged Red in the past too.

  2. Thanks for your answer. Maria. I think I would really love Pumpkin and his soft “baa”. As an older woman I can tell you that pushy and overbearing male energy is so offensive to me even where it is necessary in the animal kingdom. I am always attracted to the males that are like Pumpkin. He seems so very sweet and gentle. I have a 16 year old grandson who was born with a Pumpkin personality and most of his friends are Pumpkin like. They aren’t rushing out and getting the girls but they have plenty of masculine spunk and playfulness. And they are all big guys. Big enough that they don’t have much to prove. My grandson didn’t even like to play many contact sports because he never wanted to hurt anyone and with his size it’s always a possibility. I feel so very blessed to have this sweet kind male soul as by grandson. Thanks for sharing Pumpkin. I have to admit Liam makes me very upset when he isn’t kind to Red.

    1. How nice to know boys like your grandson are out in the world and their balanced personalities are being supported by people like you Wendy. It’s so hopeful to hear. We do need more Pumpkins in the world!

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