Flying Free

Somehow it took me till this afternoon to finish tacking my latest quilt “Flying Free”.  In some ways it’s feels like a lost week to me, I can hardly remember how I spent my time in my studio.

Flying Free is one of the longest I’ve ever made.  It just worked out that way, the design demanded it. It’s so long it didn’t fit on my studio wall, so I took it outside to take a picture.  The sun picks up the shine, if not the iridescence of some of the fabric I used.

Flying Free  is already sold, Kelli bought it for her 17 year old son who is a lover of insects, dragonflies in particular, and the natural world.

That seems just right to me.

2 thoughts on “Flying Free

  1. I put a card in tomorrow’s mail addressed to Jon which included a check honoring and in memory of Red. I asked Jon to make certain that he showed you the card as it reminds me a lot of this quilt. (I have a throw pillow that has that particular dragonfly on it.)
    Thinking of you both on this sad day but glad you are there for each other.

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