The Sloppy Bricklayers Woodpile

The wood pile after the wood fell and another cord of wood was delivered

Jon and I were in the house when we heard the strange loud noise.  It was  like a big metal garage door opening.  I went out to see what it was and found half of the outer layer of firewood had fallen from the stack.

First thing I did was make sure the cats were on the porch,  thinking that maybe one of them had tried to climb up the wood to get to the beds in the attic of the woodshed.  But they were both on the porch, the woodshed is probably too hot for them this time of year.

So I rethought my stacking and came up with another idea of how to even out the uneven spaces that were probably responsible for the wood falling.

Before I got to restack the wood, Greg Burch came with another cord.  And it turned out it was good he did, because it as easier to do it all at once.

It was more fun stacking the wood this way, and it  took a lot longer.  But (I’m knocking on wood as I write this)  this time I think I did a really good job.

I took a sloppy bricklayers approach by stacking the wood in opposite directions making sure to interlock the ends with the middle.  I also made the stack lean back into the wood behind it, not go straight up.

So I have my fingers crossed.

I still have to clean up all the kindling scraps and I’d like to cut up the branch that fell from the maple tree and add it to the pile.  Then I’ll throw a tarp over the top of the stack.

The last cord that Greg delivered, makes seven total, which should be enough to get us through the winter.

My new stacking job.



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