Rosemary With Flowers In Her Hair

It’s that time of year when the sheep come in from grazing with all kinds of thing stuck in their wool.  I try to keep Burdock from growing because its flowers are round balls, that stick like velcro.  They are impossible to get out of the sheep’s wool.

Most of the plants the sheep pick up are easy to pull out, or will be gone by shearing time in October.   But by the end of August I’ll close off the back pasture to make sure the wool stays as clean as possible.

I just paid off the down payment on the spring wool I’ll be getting back as yarn in the fall. But now I’m already beginning to think about the Fall shearing.

That seems to be the way of the farm.  Always thinking ahead to the next season.


2 thoughts on “Rosemary With Flowers In Her Hair

  1. I love this picture of Rosemary. She looks so fetching with the flowers in her hair.
    Actually she seems to have a very kind, distinctive look to her.
    It might be fun to photograph each one separately in order for your readers to see the character in their faces.

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