Angry Chick Potholder


Angry Chick Potholder

I’m spending the day making potholders using the images from the old cloth book that Cindy gave me.

The name of the book is Baby Pets and it has about four pages with pictures of animals in it.  The illustrations look like they’re from the 1950’s or 60’s.

Working the “Baby Pets” potholders….

I designed 10 so far, but plan on making more using the rest of the images. Then I’ll make them into potholders.

The potholders I designed so far.


6 thoughts on “Angry Chick Potholder

  1. I just glanced down at the fabric for your angry chick potholders and thought it said, ‘badass’ instead of ‘babys pets?’
    Had a good laugh and thought it was totally appropriate. Your work IS badass!

  2. If they are not already sold, I would love to buy the angry chick potholder when it’s done, and the brown and white puppy one to the right of it in this picture. I have been known to be an angry chick on occasion and I love dogs. I will be checking for a response in a couple of days. My condolences on your loss of Red.


    1. Thanks Amanda. I do have the angry chick potholder available, but I’m not sure about the dog yet, I’m waiting to hear back from someone about it. But I’ll email you when I know. Thanks for asking!

  3. Maria, I’ll bet you’ve sold all these adorable potholders already without even having to put them for sale on Etsy! I know I’m receiving one! 🙂

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