Biddy and The Donkeys

Biddy, Lulu and Fanny

Biddy is one of the sheep that we got from a neighbor, Donna, who rescued her and four other Romneys from a woman who couldn’t care for them anymore.

When Donna first told us about the sheep and their beautiful wool, we decided to take one of them.  That was Izzy, (The Lone Sheep).  But Izzy was such a good sheep, and I liked the idea of having some Romney wool (which is know to be lustrous and easy to spin)  to sell, so we got the three other ewes that Donna had.

Donna also rescued a ram, but she didn’t want to give him away anymore than we wanted a ram on the farm.

Biddy was the friendliest of the Romneys and she’s distinctive because of the white markings on her nose.  Her wool is a soft brownish/gray and I’ve mixed it with Suzy’s wool (Suzy is a Border Leicester) in the past.

The donkeys and sheep got used to each other quickly when we first got them.  The Romney’s had been around horses and Fanny and Lulu have been around sheep since Jon got them about 15 years ago.

The only times the donkeys will sometimes get annoyed with the sheep is when food is involved.  And then the donkeys just lower their heads or give the sheep  a little nudge and the sheep get out of their way.

In the picture above the animals were all settling into the pole barn for the morning.

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