I just got an email from Deb at the Vermont Fiber Mill.  She’s beginning to dye my wool.  That means it’s closer to being done.

I can’t remember whose wool I mixed Griselle’s with this time.  I think I may have used it to make the barber pole wool, twisted with some of Kim’s wool.  I can’t wait to see what that looks like.

Griselle is one of the Romney’s that we got from Donna, who I wrote about yesterday.

She’s one of our oldest sheep, and along with Zelda, had a hard time keeping weight on over the winter.  All summer I’ve been feeding both of them grain once a day to supplement their diet, even though there’s lots of fresh green grass still.

Since feeding her grain, Griselle has become very friendly.

She comes right up to me when I walk in the barnyard and knows to stay in the pole barn when I chase the other sheep out so I can give her and Zelda grain.

Because she’s old, I don’t get as much wool from her as the other Romneys, but what I do get is a lovely light gray color.

Griselle’s face looks a lot like Izzy’s, but she has a white spot on the bottom of her nose and Izzy has one like a third eye.

Griselle still doesn’t like me to touch her, but she’ll walk right up to me, looking for a treat.

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