My Third Tiny Pricks

A screen shot from #tinypricks on Instagram, with my tiny pricks in it.

I got this picture from  #tinypricks on instagram.  That’s my first tinypricks in the upper right corner.  It’s Donald Trumps response, “I sorta get away with things like that”, when interviewed about his bursting into the Miss America dressing room.

It’s placed with a few of the other tinypricks, made by other people and sent into The Tiny Pricks Project.  They all refer to or are statements made by Donald Trump about women.

Having my tinypricks alongside all the others makes me feel like I’m a part of something that makes a difference.  Seeing all the tiny pricks together, knowing they come from all over the country, each one hand embroidered, shows the power of the individual when we join together.

The Tiny Pricks Project is a wonderfully creative political protest.

And I know as long as Donald Trump is in office, I’ll always have another idea for a tinypricks.

This is the linen I’ll be using for the next tinypricks.  I cut it off from a larger piece, the other part it shows the same couple on Sunday, getting married.

This tinypricks will have just two words repeated, covering the white space around the original embroidery.  Those words are “Invasion” and ‘Infestation“.  Two words that Donald Trump has used again and again to describe, what he believes, that people who aren’t white, are doing to the country.

These two words speak strongly of Trumps racist beliefs.

In his article, Combating The White-Nationalist Terrorist Threat,  Simon Clark at the Center for American Progress writes:

“… there is plenty of evidence that Trump shares many of the beliefs that underpin white supremacy—most notably in his continued use of the tropes of invasion and infestation so typical of this genocidal ideology….”

I’m going to stitch the two words on the linen in different shades of brown, representing the skin colors of the people that Trump is targeting with these words.

I’m grateful to Diane Weymar, who created the Tiny Pricks Project, for giving me this creative venue to express my idea’s and beliefs.

And if you’d like to create a tinypricks, but need a hankie or linen to embroider your Trump quote on, I’ll be happy to send you a couple. Just email me here at [email protected]. I’ve already sent out hankies to 5 or 6 people.

Weymar wants to have 2020 tinypricks by the 2020 election and she’s more than half way there, but can always use more tinypricks.

You can read about the Tiny Pricks Project and how to participate here. 

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