Bellydancing Day

Me wearing the Bellydancing choker Melinda gave me

I woke up slowly, the morning sun softly lighting up the windows in the bedroom.  Jon is alway awake long before me, usually reading the news or a book.  “What time is it?” is ask, my eyes closed again.

It’s always somewhere between 6:40 and 7am, then I try to remember what day it is.  Today and every Thursday, Jon answers, kind of gleefully, “It’s Bellydancing day”.

Bellydancing has entered our lives like a new animal on the farm.  Not a puppy, more like an cat who  lives outside, but  has a presence strong enough to permeate the house.

Jon seems to enjoy how I’ve taken to Bellydancing almost as much as I enjoy doing it.  He’s an advocate and encourager.  Because he see’s what it does for me, how it boosts my confidence and belief in myself and my body.  I always feel better when I get home from class, no matter how I felt when I left.  And me being in a good mood, is better not only for me, but for Jon too.

Last week I took the choker that Melinda sent me (along with so many other beautiful pieces of Bellydancing jewelry) to Heather at the bead shop in town.  It was a little to big, so Heather put a smaller sterling silver chain on the back with a carnelian bead to match the stones on the front of the choker.

Now it fits perfectly and I love the way it feels and looks on my neck.

I wore it to class last week and Kathleen pointed out how when you wear a special piece of jewelry like that it actually helps you hold your head higher and keep your neck long.

And I know what she means.  Wearing the choker made me feel like I was worthy of it.  And that feeling affected my body posture. And because it’s heavy around my neck, it makes it’s presence known.

Melinda’s choker a demanding piece of jewelry that wants to be noticed and admired.

Until now I’ve been reluctant to own or wear too much bellydancing clothes or jewelry.  I have this feeling that I need to earn it.  I didn’t want to dress the part, without being able to actually do it.

But I’m also seeing how there are times when the costume can help with the dance.  Like how the sound and movement of the the coins, on the coin belt, tell me about my own movements, especially when I shimmying.  And like the feeling of the choker around my neck.

Melinda also gave me a silver snake armband that I haven’t had the guts to wear yet,  but I’ll get there.  I have a feeling that it will have its own power and I’ll learn something from it too.



4 thoughts on “Bellydancing Day

  1. That is beautiful and it looks great on you. I hope you wear it more than just for bellydancing. It looks that good.


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