Donkey Sisters Salt Lick

Fanny and Lulu are always together, but when they were licking the same salt block this morning, their faces so intertwined, I thought it the perfect way to illustrate how close they really are.


7 thoughts on “Donkey Sisters Salt Lick

  1. I’m curious, do the donkeys use this daily? Those salt blocks are quite large and there isn’t much left of this one. Do the sheep use it too?

    1. I think they probably do Barbara and yes, the sheep eat it too. Especially in the winter. I love to see how the salt blocks change shape as the animals lick them.

  2. I love it. I never thought that donkeys were adorable until I started reading yours and Jon’s blogs and saw all of your wonderful photography. They are not only adorable, but they smile! Thank you so much for sharing them
    I won a photo of Simon during one of your online drawings years ago. It is framed and hanging in my house. I love it.
    What joy you bring to all of us.

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