“Invasion, Infestation”. My Third Tiny Pricks

I wrote about starting my third Tiny Pricks last week.

This one will have just two words repeated over and over on a vintage linen that someone embroidered a Mexican couple on years ago.

This linen was bigger and has two other parts to it.  On one end the image was repeated and in the middle was the same couple getting married on a Sunday.

I’m repeating the two words, Invasion and Infestation as Donald Trump has repeatedly used them when referring to people and communities, that he sees as a threat,  who aren’t white.

First, I cut this section of the linen and hemmed it.  Then I wrote the  words on the linen in pencil.

My third Tiny Pricks

Now I’m embroidering the words, using two different shade of brown of embroidery thread.  I hope to finish it tonight.

There is a thunderstorm gaining strength out there, so if the lights go out, I will not be doing embroidery by candlelight like so many women have done before me.   I’ll just wait till tomorrow.


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