Getting A New Dog, Our Latest Podcast

The Dog that might be the mother of our new puppy.

I haven’t written about Jon’s and my decision to get a lab puppy.  But we talk about it in our latest podcast called Getting  A New Dog.  You can listen to it here. 

Just a few days after Red died, Gretchen, the breeder Jon got Lenore from, told Jon about a breeder she knows who has a dog who is mostly likely pregnant.  The puppies would be born about a month from today.

I haven’t written about it because it all seems so far away to me and so many things can happen between now and then, that it hardly feels like a real possibility at this point.

But when I think about a Lab puppy, I think about Lenore and what a great dog she was. I’d be happy to have another Lenore-like dog on the farm.

In the podcast, we also talked a little about my reaction to setting up monthly donation to my blog… and then we ran out of time.

You can listen to any of our Katz and Wulf on Bedlam Farm podcasts anytime by clicking here, on the podcast buttons on my blog or on iTunes or Google.

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