Minnie and Flo, Ready For Bud…

Flo jumped up on the Rapunzel Chair with Minnie this morning as Bud came running onto the back porch.

They were both prepared for one of Bud over enthusiastic greeting.  (which often ends with Bud trying to hump Minnie).

4 thoughts on “Minnie and Flo, Ready For Bud…

  1. Another photo that you should offer for sale! Very cool in all aspects. (You seem very busy and I don’t know anything about getting a photo prepared for shipping and printing (or the profit margin).) Many of your photos though, are just so poetic and evocative. The expressions of Minnie and Flo and their body language appears to be so mysterious (even though I am sure it is annoyance at Bud’s intrusion!). And the chair itself is just begging to speak out to the viewer. Thanks for sharing the moment!

    1. It is hard to sell photos Barbara, but thanks for asking about it. They are expensive to print so it isn’t usually something that people want to pay so much for. Love your thoughts about this photo though. I think the cats’ body language is shouting!

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