A Home In Nature

It’s hard to see the birdbath that Flo is perched on drinking with all the flowers around it. This year the dahlia’s are taking the place of the zinnias and marigolds that didn’t grow.  Actually, most of the seeds I planted this year didn’t take.

It’s a good thing I’m not a farmer.

Usually this time of year the grass is starting to yellow, but we keep getting rain and the sun is still hot and strong.  Yesterday after going to the Mansion, I swam in the Battenkill.

There are fewer people there late in the afternoon this time of year.  But the water is still cold enough to cool a body down.

Swimming in the river washes away so much more than just the sweat from my body.  The shock of cold water clears my head and as my body acclimates to the temperature and weightlessness  of floating, my muscles relax and I get soft all over.

This morning was chilly enough that my bare feet were actually cold in the dewy grass.  The smell of late summer brought back memories of camping upstate before I lived here.

Nature was always a balm to me, even when I was a little kid.  Whether the smell of pine trees vacationing in the Adirondacks or in the overgrown gardens and giant trees, surrounding the few old houses in my suburban neighborhood.

Somehow I always found hope in nature. Like no matter what happened, it would always welcome me.  Even if I couldn’t survive in it, I’d always have a home in the natural world.

8 thoughts on “A Home In Nature

  1. Dear Maria, I’ve always felt the same about nature, the beauty of the earth renews our souls. I love how you captured “mistiness” in this photo. And when the beauty of summer is gone, you and Jon will have a beautiful gift of nature in the form of a yellow lab puppy to enrich those long winter months!! HOW EXCITING!!

  2. Thank you for writing about NYS in August. How I miss the green, the smells, the rain, the fog, the mist, bulb flowers, iris, hostas, Lake Ontario, the Genesee River and more. Thank you for the pictures bursting with life.

    Its been six years now that I have been living in AZ. I am beginning to see the subtle beauty of the desert. Its beginning to feel like home.

    1. Sometimes a change like that takes a long time Janet. It took a over a year just to adjust to living upstate Ny moving from downstate NY

  3. Hi,
    So, your seeds not germinating? Don’t assume you’re not a good gardener. The quality of the seed available just off the rack in the average store is far, far below the quality available to the typical farmer. Old seed, maybe improperly stored, not germination tested. Plus, they might not be adapted to the local climate. You should look into Fedco Seeds, they’re in Maine and a co-op, very good prices and excellent seed practices. Also look for other regional companies, you will have better success.

    1. It really was just this year Sue that my seeds didn’t take. Except the Zinnia’s which got about an inch high then get eaten by sometihng. But a lot of my perenials died over the winter too, so it seemed an off year. I’m just glad I’m not dependent on what I grow to eat. But I will check out Fedco. Our Co-op just came out with the fall catalogue.

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