Jon Appleseed

I picked up an apple from the ground, saw it had no bugs in it and took a bite.  “Here,” I said, offering it to Jon, “take a bite”.  Our apple tree has been dropping apple for a while, but they’re just turning ripe enough to eat.

Jon’s a bit like Johnny Appleseed these days, spreading seeds of good instead of apples.

So I too took a picture of Jon with an apple in his mouth and he took one of me.  

I’m going with Jon to Albany this morning to the Bishop Maginn School.

He’s meeting with Kevin and Mary Reiss, who’s son, Milan, recently died.  Kevin teaches at Bishop Maginn and they’re trying to raise money for Milan’s funeral.  Jon, with the help of the Army of Good,  already helped them raise more than half the money they need.  You can read more about Milan, Kevin and Mary on Jon’s blog, just click here.

Today I’m bringing the loom Jon bought me a couple of years ago to Sue Silverstein to use in her art room.  I thought I’d get back into weaving, but haven’t and Sue said she’d love to have it. I’m also bringing them a bag of wool that was given to me a few years ago by another weaver I know.

Weaving is an important tradition of the  Karen community in Myanmar where many of the refugee kids at Bishop Maginn come from.



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