Horsewoman’s Quilt

The top that Margret sent me

The first time I met Cindy in person was at one of Jon’s book readings.   I think it was for his children’s book, The Dogs Of Bedlam Farm, at the Barnes and Nobel in Framingham Massachuttes.  I remember Izzy, one of the stars of the book,  was there too.

But I knew her before that when she started buying my art.  (She still has a glasses case, by her bed,  I made years ago)

We’ve met many times since then, and keep in touch online.  Cindy is more than spunky.  We nurture the independent and strong woman attitude in each other.  Recently when I wrote about owning my success, Cindy left me a comment saying:

Maria, Get out of that loft. Take off the dress of nails. It’s ok! You are a new woman. Loved and successful ! You just keep climbing higher and higher. Your sweetness and humility intact. We are all so proud of you! We all love you! Suck it up! Go for a cool swim at your river tomorrow and let it wash over you.”

That’s the kind of thing we do for each other.

So when Cindy asked me if I could make her a quilt for her bed, I didn’t hesitate.  And I didn’t have to think long about how to start it.

Some time ago, Margaret sent me this wonderful top with women and horses on it.  I’ve been waiting to use it, it’s been waiting to become something else.  Cindy got her horse when she turned 60 and has become a horsewoman for the first time in her life.

So I began the quilt with the woman and the horse…

I wasn’t sure which colors to pull out till I found the yellow and purple tiger stripe fabric and it screamed Cindy. Then the rest began to come together.

This is where I left it yesterday.  I’m not sure what comes next…

5 thoughts on “Horsewoman’s Quilt

  1. Maria,
    The horsewoman quilt is an amazing story and a beautiful work. What a touching comment Cindy left for you on your blog. Cindy is a special Woman. To know her is to love her. You too Maria are a very special Woman. I’ve always felt that both of you are kindred spirits. I can’t wait for Cindy to have this wonderful quilt. It’s full of happiness and love. I thank you for that

    1. Hey Ron, It’s nice to hear from you. And I love the love you have for Cindy. Thanks for all your good words. I think you’re right about us being Kindred Spirits.

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