Cindy’s Horsewoman Quilt

Horsewoman Quilt

I finished designing Cindy’s quilt today.  I’m calling it “Horsewoman“.

I used a few pieces of denim in the quilt, removing the pockets from jeans, revealing the unfaded shape of the pocket.  I have a few different pairs of jeans in my stash.   I know by now that jeans come in all different shades of blue and I found the right color to work with the cotton periwinkle in the quilt, in the box of jeans that Kelly just sent me.

The black flowered fabric comes from a pair of scrubs that my friend Jackie gave me (Cindy was a nurse too).  And Cindy might recognize some of the yellow and red cat fabric that I used in the quilt too.  I’ve used it before, years ago, and brought it with me from my Studio Barn back at old Bedlam Farm.

I didn’t get a backing done for the quilt, but I did get to use my new iron to finish the front of it.

My new iron

My new iron is smaller and heavier than my old iron, compact like a little Bulldog (or Boston Terrier). It’s pretty basic, and either my old iron was wearing out for a while and I didn’t notice or this iron just works a whole lot better.

The cashier at Walmart where I bought it was surprised when she saw it.  She said she didn’t buy clothes that needed to be ironed anymore.  When I told her I used it for sewing, she said she just had a thing about ironing.

I get that.  I haven’t ironed clothes since I was a kid and my mother taught me how.  But I’ve come to really appreciate a good iron since I started making my fiber art.

And now,  a part of me can’t wait to get back to my studio on Monday and iron some more.

The little bird on the bottom of Horsewoman.


5 thoughts on “Cindy’s Horsewoman Quilt

  1. Congrats on the new iron. That’s the one I have and I love it. I bought it after using someone else’s at a quilting event. It has a wonderfully solid feel to it and if you’re going to be using a tool for hours and hours it should feel good.

    I like how you removed the pocket and in doing so added another color detail.

    The next time you’re planning to be near Boston I hope you’ll drop a line. I’d love to arrange for you to speak at our guild.

  2. Maria – This iron looks like the GE model my mother bought me in 1975 when I was going off to college. It’s nice and heavy and still works with no bells or whistles – just steam or dry settings. There’s nothing better than a good iron – well, maybe that’s not really true but you know what I mean. Enjoy!

    1. Yeah, Pam, it’s called a “classic” style. It is much heavier than my last iron and I like that about it. I think it’s great that your iron still works!

  3. I’m adverse to ironing. Could it be that, besides the clothes we wore, my mother ironed sheets, pillowcases, dish towels (before they were all terry cloth), and underwear? I think that went on until the end of the ’50s when she went to work. Two reasons for that–my college years were approaching in ’62, and women were putting down the irons and picking up their paychecks.

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