4 thoughts on “Shadow Portrait with Bud

  1. Maria,
    You have posted shadow portraits before and I so love the concept. Shortly after you did one of the first ones, I believe with Jon, I did one with my husband David. I still enjoy looking at it. I enjoyed this one today with Bud. I have no clue why they fascinate me so much but they do. So thank you for sharing this idea.

    1. It’s interesting what touches us Pat. They really are fun to do and the lighting has to be just right. They do show us in a very minimal way, goes right to flat shape. Now I’m thinking of the silhouettes that people used to cut out of paper….

  2. Rock placement. No accident?

    This had been an hour of wonderfully stimulating blog entries, Maria. But no I must be onto something else. Have a happy Wednesday!

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