2 thoughts on “Morning Drink

  1. That’s so funny. Flo doesn’t care if her fingers get wet. I don’t think my cats would do that but maybe if it was the only way to get to the water in the bird bath. I noticed that even if I always had cat dishes out all over, easy to get to and with fresh water they would still find some other source, even if it took some complex acrobatics to get to. Like sticking their heads in a watering cat at a very odd and uncomfortable angle just to drink there instead. They are hard not to love.

    1. She doesn’t seem to mind Wendy and even shook her wet foot at me at one point, I wished I had gotten that on the video. I always thought the same about cats and water, and ours don’t seem to like to step in water, but then I think of how tigers swim and how domestic cats are their close relative. Maybe it’s a bit of the tiger in them still.

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