We Are Enough, Cindy’s Quilt

We Are Enough

I know you already named it, Cindy wrote to me, but I’m calling it “We Are Enough.”

As often happens other people see more in my work than I do.  And when they tell me about it, it always makes me marvel how even though I created it, I didn’t see it.

Sometimes I’m just too close to my own work to see it clearly.  But I do trust it, no matter what anyone else sees or doesn’t see.

Cindy saw both mine and her strength and fearlessness in the quilt.  Hers through learning to ride and getting a pony of her own at age 65 and mine in healing my self-esteem and negative body image through Bellydancing.

“Both of us listening and learning as we go. We’re fearless and strong. We are enough!”  Cindy wrote me.

I like that too much to deny it.  And I like Cindy’s name for the quilt too.  Now I’ll stitch it on the quilt and put it in the mail.

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