Going To Maine To See The Tiny Pricks Project

A screen shot from the Tiny Pricks Project on Instagram. (That’s one of mine, third down on the left) These are just a few of the Tiny Pricks created by people from all over the country. There are over 1000 so far.

When the Tiny Pricks Project was in a gallery in NYC I thought about going to see it, but didn’t.  Now it’s going to be at the Speedwell Gallery in Portland Maine.

So Jon and I are going.

I wanted to be there for the opening reception September 14, but Nicole, our farm sitter wasn’t available.  So we’re going the weekend after.  Which, when I thought about, it is probably even better.

Opening Receptions are like parties to me.  If someone asks me to go to a party a month away, I’m all eager, thinking it will be fun.  But a few days before I start to get jiggy about it.  On the way there,  I wonder why I ever agreed to go.

At first, I was disappointed not to be going to the opening, but when I pictured myself in the crowded gallery, with people standing around talking, I started to get that uncomfortable feeling.

And suddenly the thought of me in a quiet gallery, taking as much leisurely time as I chose to look at the exhibit, was very appealing.

We’re planning on staying somewhere south of Portland overnight, I’m still working all of it out, but excited to be going.  I’ll be sure to get pictures and blog about it.

The Tiny Pricks Project will be at the Speedwell Gallery from September 14 – November 3rd.  Click here for more information.

3 thoughts on “Going To Maine To See The Tiny Pricks Project

  1. You’re absolutely welcome to stay with us, about an hour and a quarter north of Portland, if you’d like. I’m going to have to get down there to see the Tiny Pricks! I love that you’ve done this, Maria! I wish I had taken the time to make one or more, too. Enjoy!

    1. Thanks for your offer Linda. We’re going to make it a quick trip. And there’s still time to make Tiny Pricks. Until the election at least.

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