Lucky Cat Potholders +

Lucky Cat and Stripes

My studio was clean but my mind was still cluttered.  Anxiety producing thoughts fought for space, playing King Of the Hill in my brain.

I knew I needed silence to quiet my mind, something for my hands to do and one thing for my mind to focus on.

I was so relieved when after just a few minutes of searching I pulled out the square of Lucky Cat fabric.  I’ve looked at those cats so many times and wondered why I couldn’t imagine what to do with them.

I guess they were waiting around for today. Because as soon as I saw them, I knew I could make some good potholders.

And they did focus my mind because they weren’t easy to work with.  So I really had to pay attention without overthinking.

Lucky Cat Emerging
Lucky Cats

And when I ran out of cats, I used up some of the scraps making this potholder called Grounded.


I’m working through the anxiety, but words still aren’t coming easy, so here’s some pictures instead…

Lucky Cats Galore
Lucky Cat World
Lucky Cat Magic
Lucky Cat Planet
Stripes is not a Lucky Cat, but all the pieces fit together…
No, she’s not a Lucky Cat either,  but she insisted on being made.

I’ll finish making these into potholders by early next week and have them for sale in my Etsy Shop then.

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