Cat Food Stealing Hens

I’ve been trying to outsmart the chickens.  Sometimes it works, other times it doesn’t.

They know when I feed the cats.  Flo eats on the front porch and no one bothers her there.  But Minnie eats on the back porch and the hens are always trying to get her dinner.

For a while, I gave them their own food to keep them busy while Minnie ate, but they soon figured out what was going on.  And it seems no matter what I give them, cantaloupe seeds, corn on the cob, worms or even the same thing Minnie is eating, they quickly lose interest and want what’s in Minnie’s bowl.

So I started sitting with Minnie as she eats, either chasing the hens away or throwing them bits of food, which keeps me entertained.

I’ve also tricked the hens by mixing up the schedule and feeding Minnie after taking care of the donkeys and sheep instead of before.   They usually get confused by that.  But today they were on to me.

So I sat with Minnie as she ate her food, trying to keeping the hens away and took this video.


6 thoughts on “Cat Food Stealing Hens

  1. Scheming little rascals! Our Saint Bernard, Belle, used to try the same thing with our 9 outdoor cats’ food when we lived in Virginia.

  2. Enjoyed the video. I didn’t know a hen would try to steal food from a cat! I noticed your black-eyed Susan peeking out from behind the white post. I’m happy to see she has found her place in the world and is still holding her own. After reading your other post, I would like to say that in spite of your anxiety and insecurities, remember Maria, that you too have found your place in the world and are successfully holding your own! I don’t know how to sew or quilt but I think you do beautiful work! The purple color combos in this last piece are just gorgeous.

    1. I can’t believe how long that blackeye susan has been alive. She’s just fading now. And you are so right about me finding my place Barbara. And I will continue to hold it, it’s who I am now. Thanks for your good words.

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