I Want To Swim

I can only describe it as the fabric jumping off my shelf into my arms.

Vibrate and resonate, were the two words I was thinking of this morning in my Studio.  After I found the fabics, I looked around my shelves a little more pretending to be thoughtful about it.  But my decision this morning to cut the two fabric up into squares and sew them together was about the opposite of thinking.

Even before I sewed them together I saw how they vibrated and resonated.

I started to think when it was time to take the next step.  But I gave up on it quickly, and instead stood over the rectangle and asked it what it wanted.

Usually when I do this, I see what wants to come next, either a color or shape and size of fabric, but this time I heard the words, “I want to swim”.

So I gave all that movement a place to float.

Now I’m going to go back and ask it what comes next.

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