Holiday Weekend

My Studio Window

“It’s a holiday weekend,” Jon said, “I’m taking it off starting now.”

I asked him if that meant he wasn’t going to do any writing over the weekend.  “Well no,” he answered, “but I’m done for today.”

I told him that I still wanted to make some more potholders to put in my Etsy Shop next week because half the ones I made this week are already sold.  “Yes, of course”, he smiled, “I support you in whatever you want to do.”

Holiday weekend, I’m not sure I know what that means.  And I’d bet anything, Jon’s in his office right now blogging.

2 thoughts on “Holiday Weekend

  1. Such a pretty picture, Maria. And Fate playing with Bud in the yard. Perfect. I love all the muted colors and the beautiful shades of green leaves on the tree. There’s just something about Jon’s and your photos through windows that just always draws me in.

    Today marks my 10th anniversary reading the Bedlam Farm blogs. Every day is a new adventure, whether it’s a snail emerging from the greenery in your aquarium for the first time, you belly dancing in all your finery, adventures with the animals, visits to The Mansion, or a huge snow or rainstorm on the farm! Always a pleasure.

    Best wishes to you both for a wonderful, restful long weekend!

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