Swimming In A Threshold

I was just about to begin writing about the work I did on my quilt today when an idea for what I could do next came to me. So I left my computer and laid out a few more pieces on the quilt…

I still have to sew these down, so it’s possible they’ll change again before I do, but it feels right to me.  Yesterday the quilt told me it wanted to swim.  Today I keep thinking it has the feeling of a temple.  Or maybe it’s that threshold I wrote about last night.

4 thoughts on “Swimming In A Threshold

  1. It’s just beautiful, Maria. I get a lift every time you show us the process and the finished product. I loved the insect pillows and now the animal potholders, ( well really everything you do).
    Your art reflects your process of becoming freer and stronger.
    I enjoy where you are both taking each other.

  2. The before picture reminded me of a woman, with the horizontal line near the top for arms and the triangle between two blocks for legs. The neat thing is that the new version is just as visually interesting, but with an utterly different feel.

    Thanks for sharing your process.

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