Piecing Together A Person


A new batch of potholders I designed yesterday, using fabric from my scrap box.

Sometimes I feel like one of my potholders or quilts. Except with me, the process is unending.   It’s as if I’m always finding pieces of myself and patching them together to create the person I am today.

It seems the pieces can come from just about anywhere.

I’m always searching, pulling from all kinds of sources.   I’ve found pieces of my self in conversation and books, TV and movies, once in a soul retrieval,  in my art, walking, meditating, bellydancing and in nature and my dreams.

It makes me wonder every time I piece together a potholder, or quilt, every one a unique creation if it’s somehow part of my healing.   That constantly finding the “right” pieces, and making them fit together is recreating what I’m always trying to do with myself.

Maybe that’s why my potholders are so satisfying to make.  I’ve made thousands of them, and feel like I can easily make thousands more,  each one perfect and whole.

4 thoughts on “Piecing Together A Person

  1. This really resonated with me. “I find pieces of myself in books…” We are this ever changing patchwork, with all the old pieces still a part of us, but sometimes frayed and faded as they are no longer needed.

  2. Maria, I call it “the buffet approach” to my life! I don’t necessarily embrace all of a philosophy, or set of beliefs – I pick from this, from that, only what works for me. There are a few teachings from my parents that I’ve kept, and many I’ve discarded. I am a new person, daily. That used to bother me – thinking – GOD, I just need to pick one and stick with it. Um, NOPE! Just like a food buffet – I only put on my plate what I want. And just because I don’t select something, doesn’t make it “wrong” or me “right” it’s only a selection. Loved this post! 🙂

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