A Morning Of Instax Pictures and Videos

The 9 instax photos I took this morning.

Before getting the photo and video called  Morning Fruit,  of the pears I  posted on my blog, I spent a good part of the morning experimenting with the idea of taking a video of an instant photo developing.

I’m still not really good at knowing the right lighting and how to frame a photo in the lens finder of my Instax camera.   I can rarely remember what I do from one photo to the next which doesn’t help.  But after some time trying I do usually get a picture I like.

This time it was different because I was also taking time-lapse videos of the photos developing too.

With each video, I learned how to hold my hand more steady so the camera shook less.  I also figured out the time difference between actually filming the video and how long the video would be.   (Fifteen seconds of filming is about a second of video.)

After doing this eight times, I felt like I knew what I needed to know in terms of taking the video, so I stopped.  I  knew I didn’t have the photo I wanted and wasn’t sure what it was, but that at some point during the day I would find it.

I had a good feeling when I snapped the picture of the pears on the table.  Jon was taking photos of them too and knows more about lighting than I do,  so I thought at least that part of it would work.

But I was really delighted as I watched the picture develope on the screen of my iPhone.  It was so much better than I imagined it from composition to lighting to the feeling of it.

I spent most of the morning getting the photo and video of the pears and it was worth every moment.

This was the first video I took, this morning,  of the instant film developing.  It’s much more shakey and not long enough.   I also learned not to have any of the cats around to rub up against my hand and ruin the whole video.

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