Flo And The Bird Bath Instax Photo

Whenever I take a Instax photo that I like, I then take a picture of it with my iPhone so I can post it on my blog.  Then, if it needs,  I’ll run it through the editing program on Instagram because it has a better photo editing program than I have on my computer.

I do love the soft quality of instant photos. It’s something I can’t get with my Iphone.  They often have a lot more feeling to me.  But they can also be difficult when it comes to details and lighting.

3 thoughts on “Flo And The Bird Bath Instax Photo

  1. I love all your photos of the bird bath, especially ones that include Flo! How interesting being able to watch them develop on the screen!
    We have the exact same bird bath sitting on an old stump in our front yard. Like you, we get only the occasional bird bathing in it or a squirrel drinking from it, but every day one of our neighbours walks their Rotti-Shepherd mix of a dog (looks a lot like your Frieda) who can’t wait to lap up most of the fresh water I put in it every day just for him/her!

  2. Maria, Would you be so kind as to share with me which Instax camera you have? I see Wide, mini, and square. I love the pics, and am considering getting one. I only have an iPhone 7. I bought a fancy DSLR camera, with extra lenses 5 years ago, but I detest the bells and whistles. I’ve barely used it. Have even considered getting out my late husband’s 30mm Nikon, which of course takes film. I need simple and interesting. Thank you very much.

    1. I have the square Instax Eunice. It is really easy to use, and will be easier for you since it sounds like you kow more than me about photography. It is fun and easy to use. Good luck!

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