Flying Vulva Potholders and Buttons

The Flying Vulva Potholders I made today.

A couple of weeks ago I sold out of my Flying Vulva Potholders when someone bought the three that I had, one for her and her two sisters. I decided I always want to have some for sale in my Etsy Shop.  I feel like they’re timeless and there will always be someone out there who wants one.   So I made a few more today using a combination of linens and fabric.

Last week, after selling out of my Flying Vulva buttons, (someone bought the 17 I had available) I ordered 50 more.  (I get my buttons and decals and stickers from Sticker Mule, a company in upstate NY that does a good and quick job).

So, like with my Yoni Tree Potholders, when I get them all done, I’ll be selling my Flying Vulva Potholders each with its own Flying Vulva Button.

My Flying Vulva Button


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