Morning Fruit

We opened the gate to the back pasture and the sheep came running out of the pole barn.  They headed directly to the fence line where the apple trees are.  But most of the apples were already gone, eaten I imagine, by deer.

There were a few low hanging pears on the one wild pear tree growing among the apple trees.  I plucked two.

On the way back to the house, as I looked at the mottled colors of the pears, their evocative shape, the bend of their stems, I thought they would make a good picture.

By then, Jon was into the pears too.

So we put them on the table on the back porch and each took our own pictures of them.  I used my instax camera then took a time-lapse video of the photo developing.

Morning Fruit the Instax of the pears


2 thoughts on “Morning Fruit

  1. Maria – I SO love this video. Am wondering whether you can also do a “slow-motion” video of the Instax picture developing.
    The real-time video is cool, however, it goes by much too quickly for how I’d like to be able to use it–as a teaching tool for helping folks understand a concept I teach [of how to learn to sit-with a “currently-fuzzy-body-sense-of something” as it gradually comes into focus.

    1. Thanks Mary Elaine. I took these videos in time-lapse not real time. That would probably be slow enough for what you’re doing. I think slow-motion might be too slow. What you are doing does sound interesting….

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