Bud, Studio Dog

Jon took Fate to do some Therapy work at The Mansion so Bud hung out in my studio.

He’s become a great studio dog.  Like Fate and Frieda before her, he never walks on my quilt when I’m working on them and mostly stays by the door or in the crate.  He rarely bothers me.

Sometimes, when both he and Fate are in my studio they start to play, but I just kick them out and they’re happy to go outside.

2 thoughts on “Bud, Studio Dog

  1. How nice to have that friendly presence while you create. My rabbit likes to explore my craft room. She comes and sniffs anything I move or put down. She’s especially intrigued by piles of fabric.

    1. What fun that must be Trish. I know many people have pet rabbits in their homes, but I’ve never quite pictured them behaving like dogs often to.

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