Finishing My Quilt

Laying out the batting on my quilt

I didn’t realize how close to the end of my roll of batting I was till I rolled it out on my quilt this morning and only had a bit to spare.

That means I’ll be shopping around for a new roll over the next couple of days.  I always get it from a differnt place.  Prices are constantly changing and sales come and go.  I do always somehow find a good deal  though(knock on wood).

The batting in this picture is folded in half laying on the back side of the front of the quilt.  The back of the quilt is beneath it.  After unfolding the batting to cover the whole quilt, I trimed the edges of the batting and pinned all three layers together.  Then sewed it.

I did call Fate and Bud in from outside to pose in front of my quilt, now hanging and ready to be tacked.  They each got a treat after, so I hope it was worth it for them.

I’m off to Bellydancing soon, so I’ll have to wait till tomorrow to begin tacking.

6 thoughts on “Finishing My Quilt

  1. The colors in this quilt are stunning! If I could, I would purchase it. But I am sure this will find a happy home!!!

  2. Oh, Maria… these dogs. Bud looks especially Churchillian here … like a dog dignitary posing for an official portrait. Thanks for sharing!

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