I Am Maria Wulf

Photo by Jon Katz

I am Maria Wulf
I am an artist
I am responsible for my life.

I work six days a week in my studio and on Saturday I rest

my studio is an old yellow school house
my studio is my farm
my studio is the woods I walk in and the river I swim in
my studio is my life

I live with a man who loves and supports me
and I love and support him

I am Maria Wulf
I am an artist
I am responsible for my life.


19 thoughts on “I Am Maria Wulf

  1. MARIA WULF in capital letters living out loud! This poem of confidence could be printed and framed for your studio wall for those inevitable days of doubt….in your own artistic way, of course. 😉

    I love how you’re holding your scissors, always ready and eager to get back to your creative work.

    We ALL need to write poems of validation for ourselves. You’re a wonderful role model, Maria.

  2. Maria, we are as much a part of our physical surroundings as our emotional and visual part of this too and how wonderful to be able to work in your own studio, separate from the house, where you have the peace and quiet in order to create. To live on the farm, in the country, with all that is around you, animals, Jon, your friends, it gives you the space to be you. And I wonder how long it takes us to become responsible for who we are….it takes going through some difficult times to learn the lessons we need to gain from those times and bring them with gratitude towards our present life.
    All the best,
    Sandy Small Proudfoot, Ontario, Canada

  3. Beautiful – the words and the picture! You have inspired me and probably have women near and far thinking, “What would I write about myself?” Thank you.

  4. When I was still teaching elementary school, I had the children write “I Am Poems.” They were wonderful
    Yours would be a perfect example of an “I Am Poem.” It is so full of life and says so very much about you . I would use it as an example to show just how meaningful a poem of this nature can be. Accompanied by your photograph makes it even more powerful. It is a work of art filled with all the wonder of your world.

  5. It is such a positive, confident message of your sense of self worth. It is wonderful. I like the suggestion of hanging it up somewhere in your studio is a good one. You can look at it on those days when everything seems to be going wrong.

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