Coming Home

Fate and “Coming Home

I had so many different feelings about this quilt.  So much was going on inside of me when I made it. I felt confusion and that I was creating it at a time when I was getting to know the person I am now and accepting that person.  I think there is both movement and stability in the center grid, renewal in the butterflies and something architectural and ancient in the design.

I was looking to lose myself in the quilt when I was making it.  I listened to  African Drumming music and some Shamanic music from Australia. Repetitive beats, trance music.

When Cayt wrote asking to buy the quilt, I still didn’t have a name for it.  I wrote her back with the dimensions and price and she wrote me that… “There are many connecting signs in your piece for me”

Cayt is a  professional classical and Celtic violin and fiddle player.  So she was drawn to the Celtic knot design on the green fabric in the quilt.  And she wrote, purple and green are her spirit colors.

She saw a similarity in the design on her logo for her website, Full Circle Violin and Fiddle Studio,  with the pattern on the piece of black fabric in the quilt.  This is the small black piece of fabric that I knew I had to use, even though I had to redesign a part of the quilt to keep it there.

And the butterflies speak to her of transformation, “I am moving and starting a new life- what a perfect symbol of a fresh start this would be in my new home” Caty commented on my blog.

I still wasn’t sure what to call the quilt until I read Caty’s email.  Then I could see that the quilt is about coming home, with all the confusion and joy that brings.

Coming Home, for me to myself and for Caty to her new life.

The back of Coming Home

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  1. I’ve already said it once but since it’s up for us to see again I have to say one more time how very much I love this quilt. It is just simply beautiful.

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