Listen To Our Latest Podcast: “I Am Maria Wulf, Self Awareness, Self Esteem For Both Of Us

Jon, looking handsome,  in his Bishop Maginn Sweater

Jon and I made another podcast this morning called “I Am Maria Wulf, Self Awareness, Self Esteem, For Both Of Us.”  You can listen to it here.

Over ten years ago, Jon and I stood in the driveway of Old Bedlam Farm.  We had only known each other a couple of years and he asked me to time a reading he was practicing for an upcoming appearance on TV.

He wore the same kind of clothes he does now, his uniform of jeans, chambray shirt, and red suspenders.  He was also wearing a baseball cap.  At that time I rarely saw Jon with his cap off, in real life, pictures or for TV interviews.

“Should I take the hat off for the interview?” he asked me.  I didn’t hesitate to say yes.  And he did.    That was the first time I realized that Jon was insecure about his appearance.

Now I often kiss Jon’s bald head.  I do love it, it’s so honest.  This is who I am, it says to me, with no hair to hide behind.

Jon and I both have our own body image issues.  I’ve been working on mine for many years now and can see my body for what it really is and am more comfortable with it than I’ve ever been.  In a way, Jon’s just beginning that journey.

But when it comes to our sense of self, Jon’s ahead of me in understanding who he is and accepting it.  But I’ve been working on that part of myself for a while and in this podcast, I read the words that came to me when meditating last week.  The words that announce to myself and anyone else who’s listening, who I am now.

We also talk about creativity, our own individual horizons, and our new puppy, (who is about 7 days away from being born).

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