Two Scarves, One Quilt

I didn’t think to take pictures of the two scarves before I cut them up.  Carolyn gave me the scarf with the cats on it a while ago and now I can’t remember who gave me the woven scarf, but that was more recent.

They wound up on the same shelf in my studio and when I saw them next to each other, I knew they would work together.  I had no intention of starting another quilt today, I was actually finishing up some potholders.  But these two pieces of fabric yelled out to me and wouldn’t stop yelling till I cut them up and sewed them together.

Those cats have such a presence I wasn’t sure how they’d ever work in a quilt.  The woven scarf was just what they need to break up their intensity so they would work as a part of something else without dominating it.

Before leaving my studio, I played around with what might come next, but it started to get late and I was too tired to make a decision. Now I have another choice of what to work on tomorrow.

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