Another Season Lived

These mornings are drenched with dew and soft with mist.

Spider’s webs
lace the electrical lines all along Route 22
and grow with the wildflowers in our marsh
appearing at the right angle to the sun
and vanishing with a cloud or a turn of the head.

With the intensity of Spring,
every living thing
is busy living

rallying for winter

showing up full of the wisdom of another season lived.

8 thoughts on “Another Season Lived

  1. Makes me wonder how such a small creature like a spider is capable of creating a work of art. Those webs, especially in the morning when glistening with dew, are magnificent. One of nature’s miracles I guess.

    1. A few days ago I sat outside with my computer writing and a spider made a thread from the porch post to the tip of my laptop then moved on from there. It was fascinating just seeing her do that!

  2. Beautiful photo ,Maria.Well done on capturing the radiance of the spider’s web. I love the poem too. Thanks for posting.

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