Two Scarves And An Old Hexagon

I got right to work on my quilt this morning.  I knew what I wanted to do…


I keep turning the quilt around. This is the first quilt I’ve made where I don’t have distinguished “top” and “bottom”.  I making it so It can go either way.

I stopped working on the legnth and now I’m adding  to the sides.

I cut this hexagon from an old quilt top and added the black, green and teal around it.  These will go on two corners of the quilt.

And I’ll use this half of another hexagon from the same quilt for another corner.  I must have used the other half of it for something, although I don’t remember what.  So that leaves one corner to fill.  It will be fun figuring that out.

Once I have the corners done out, I’ll fill in the space between them.  I think with verticle strips of fabric. Then see what it all looks like before thinking ahead too much.

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