One, Two, Turn, Turn

“I can do it slowly, without music, when I’m alone in my studio”, I told my Bellydancing teacher Julz as she showed me for the millionth time how to move my feet for the Turkish Shimmy Half Turn.

“One, two, turn, turn,” I repeat over and over to my feet in a whisper, hoping they’ll hear.

There is so much more to this dancemove, but the feet have to become automatic, then I can work on the rest of it.   So I’m practicing, hoping that when I get to class and the music is playing and the dancer I’m following moves smoothly into a Turkish Shimmy Half Turn, my feet will remember.

When I get discouraged, I think of how I keep hearing how healthy it is for our brains to keep learning something new.  How learning to move my body in this way, a way I never moved it before or even imagined I could, is sparking nuerons in my brain, carving new pathways, keeping my brain guessing and engaged.

I’m actaully practicing three of the many things I’ll someday be doing when I get the Turkish, I’m practing moving my feet, keeping my posture and spotting (which is turning my head and looking at where I’m going before I get there,  to keep from getting dizzy.)

And throught it all, I’m givng my brain, as well as my body, a work-out.

Here’s a video of what the Turkish Shimmy with quarter and half turns looks like:


4 thoughts on “One, Two, Turn, Turn

  1. Wow, Maria! What you are attempting is amazing. I don’t think I have enough neural pathways to wake up to do this. My scarf’s off to you! ; )

  2. You look regal! I’m impressed that you shared a video of you in the learning process. From what you’ve written about the person you used to be, that seems like evidence of a lot of growth and confidence. It’s beautiful. And your attitude about the learning process and how it requires that we be kind to ourselves, made me smile.

    1. After doing it I thought something similar Trish. I never would have put up a video like that before. I’m so glad it brought across the idea of being kind to ourselves.

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