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There is a tree in the woods where I walk that looks like a woman in a bussel skrit.  Her trunk is so heavy, rounded and thick as it goes into the earth.  She is a grounded tree.  And whenever I pass her I always stop and say hello.  Sometimes with a gentle touch, and other times by leaning against her.

I was thinking of her and the apple tree in our yard, outside my studio window,  when I made this Yoni Tree for a potholder.

I stitched a few Yoni Trees today.  I’ll make them into potholders next week and sell them in my Etsy Shop.

I stitched these and two more Yoni Trees on these linen napkins.  I was inspired by the small Yoni flower that someone hand-stitched on the napkins before me.

2 thoughts on “Yoni Tree Inspiration

  1. Maria, Finally I can buy just one small creation of yours and I have been eyeing the potholders for just the right one. I would love to have one of these if they are not spoken for yet. They both speak to me but I’m leaning toward the top one. Maybe the bottom one because it has hearts. Either way. Please let me know if I can buy one. They are so very special. I am so excited to be able to have something of yours.
    Thanks, Wendy

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