Going to the Bronx Zoo

Fate and the old maple tree outside my studio.

I was excited about the  idea  of going to Portland Maine to see the Tiny Pricks project in the Speedwell Gallery. I know the impact of seeing all those small embroideries hanging together would be powerful.  But the more I looked into going, the more difficult the trip seemed.

First it takes longer to get there than I originally thought.  Then trying to find a place to stay became daunting.  I didn’t realize that it was still vacation time in Maine.  Most places were either booked, very expensive or had the kind of reviews I choose to stay away from.

Thinking of driving five hours there and back to see the Tiny Pricks Installation and driving another five hours back home the next morning was suddenly not very appealing to me.

Jon and I don’t get away often and when we do I’d rather it be more relaxing than this trip was going to be.

So I’m hoping Tiny Pricks will come to a place that is closer to us.  Either way, I do have another Tiny Prick in mind.

Since we already jumped through hoops to get our farm sitter Nicole for the weekend,(seems it’s a busy time for her too)  Jon and I decided to do something that I’ve been wanting to do with him for years.

We’re going to the Bronx Zoo.

I haven’t been there for years and I imagine that going to the Zoo with Jon is like going to the Aquarium with him.  He’ll have as much interest in the animals as I do.

The other part of our trip will be meeting Jon’s daughter and Granddaughter at the zoo for a couple of hours. I’ve always liked the idea of going to the Zoo with Robin.

We’ll spend the night in Hudson NY and come home the next day.

2 thoughts on “Going to the Bronx Zoo

  1. Hi Maria,
    I am loving your photography!! Are you taking these photos with your iphone?
    If so, what model phone do you have? I might have to convert!!!

    1. Thanks Colleen. I do take all my pics with my iphone. I have an 8plus. It has a very good camera and I also have some lens that I can attach to the phone. They are from Moment and I have a wide-angle, fisheye and macro lens.

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