When Zelda First Came To Bedlam Farm

When Zelda first came to the farm. Here she is with Tess, Socks, and Suzy at Old Bedlam Farm

I went back through my blog to find a picture of Zelda when she first came to the farm.  It was 2012 and we were living at Old Bedlam Farm.  Daryl, a farmer from Vermont was grazing his sheep in the pasture at our farm and I decided I wanted sheep of my own.

Daryl gave us three sheep in exchange for us letting them graze.  They were Tess, Socks, and Suzy.

Then Daryl brought Zelda with a few more of his sheep.  My sheep were separated from his by a fence and we put Zelda in with Tess, Socks, and Suzy.

But she jumped the fence twice to be with the sheep she came with.  So we let her stay with them until Daryl took his sheep back to his farm.  When the other sheep were gone,  Zelda was happy to be with her new flock.

So you can see that Zelda was trouble from the beginning.  That’s why I named her Zelda, after Zelda Fitzgerald, known for her independence and troublemaking.

Here’s a link to the post I wrote about Zelda in 2012.

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