Bless The UPS Guy

Frost on the thisle this morning

“There’s going to be a frost tonight”, said the UPS guy, eyeing my cactus on the front porch as he delivered the big roll of batting and two boxes of fabric from Gloria.

Early for a frost, I thought, I’m sure my hardy prickly pear cactus will be fine on the porch.

But as night came and it got cold and dark, I decided not to take any chances and brought all my house plants in for the season.  Then I got some sheets and covered the Dahlias and the flowers in the garden by the back porch.

This morning when I took the sheets off the flowers they weren’t just wet with dew, but stiff and crunchy.  I didn’t see any frost till I went into the pasture.  The places that were still in shadow, that the sun hadn’t touched yet, were white with frost.

Bless the UPS guy I thought, he brought me my batting, Gloria’s fabric and helped save my flowers from an early frost.

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