Long Shadow Sheep, Thinking Of Wool

Suzy and her long shadow

Soon I’ll get an email from Deb at the Vermont Fiber Mill letting me know my wool is ready.

It’s a big and special batch this time.  I dyed more wool than usual, for the first time will have barber pole wool (a twist of natural gray and white) and I’ll have some natural wool too which I think works nice combined with the dyed colors.  I kept Suzy’s wool natural for Wendy who lost her wool in one of the California Wildfires last year and I’ll have a small batch of Zelda’s wool, some of it already spoken for.

Because there was so much wool and I got a lot of it dyed, it cost more than usual.  But my wool has been selling well so I’m feeling pretty confident it will be a good investment.

Then in October, we’ll shear the sheep and do it all over again.

Kim and her long shadow

3 thoughts on “Long Shadow Sheep, Thinking Of Wool

  1. I was just thinking the batch of zeldas wool you will be receiving soon will be very special / I was thinking one might make a little something for yourself with it as a little keepsake along with your photos and memories . Something personal like a hat or scarf / or I can see swath of material that you attach to a coat or sweater with a jewelry pin ( maybe even a shaped like a sheep / aaah a button of headshot photo of Zelda/ or small swath laying on one of your tables with photo of zelda / yeah I ‘m pretty sentimental… l have a necklace and bracelet made of the tail hairs of my horse who passed

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