Our Visit At The Bronx Zoo

Jon, Robin and me on the Bug Carousel

I took one picture at the Bronx Zoo, it was of Jon and his granddaughter on the carousel.  (The carousel has insects instead of horses and Jon and Robin were sitting in a dung sled, with a dung beetle, who you can’t see in this photo that Jon’s daughter Emma took,  pushing it from behind).

My intention was to not take any pictures at all, but I couldn’t resist the photo of Jon and Robin.

For me, our trip to the zoo was less about seeing the animals and more about visiting with Robin, Emma and her husband Jay.  That wasn’t my intention when Jon and I first decided to go to the zoo, but when we decided to invite them to meet us there, that’s what it became.

And I feel like it was an important day because we figured out an easier way for us all to get together.

It’s a long and expensive trip for Jon and me to go to Brooklyn and it’s a difficult trip for Emma, Jay, and Robin to visit the farm.

This is the kind of visit that really works for me and everyone else seemed to enjoy it too.  I’m not so good at sitting around the house making conversation, I prefer to be doing something.  And even though we don’t see a lot of her, Robin knows Jon and me well enough now that she’s comfortable being with us.

She asked us to go on the carousel with her and as we held her hands waiting on line, she gave each of our hands a few kisses, even kissing the alligator tattoo on my arm.  Then, instead of stepping on a beetle,  we watched it crawl from where we were waiting until it disappeared under the moving carousel.

I doubt that Robin will remember it, but I know she enjoyed it while it was happening.  And for me, that’s the kind of moment that has meaning. For a minute or two shared the wonder of watching something so ordinary.

So Jon and I didn’t get to watch the animals like we did when we went to the Boston Aquarium, which we both enjoyed so much.   But it didn’t matter, because something else good happened that I hadn’t expected.


5 thoughts on “Our Visit At The Bronx Zoo

  1. I love this on every level. This is why children are such loving connectors and heal bridges – for Emma and Jay to see you and Robin enjoying fun and love together expands their circle of family and love. And Robin benefits from all the happiness.

  2. Sometimes those unexpected moments are the special ones that you remember for the rest of your life.
    To see them with a child and through the eyes of that child make them even more special.
    What is so wonderful is the relationships that you and Jon are developing with Robin. Her taking your hands, holding them and giving them each a kiss is something to remember. When children are comfortable with the ones they love, the door opens to a world of wonder.
    I’m glad your visit to the zoo turned out so wonderfully. It might not have been what you expected, but it turns out that it was probably even more. Robin will have those memories for a long, long time.

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