“See Me”, My New Quilt

“See Me” is Sold for sale in my Etsy Shop or you can email here.   It’s $425 + $20 shipping.

“See me in all my glory, I’m not afraid to be who I am.”

The two scarves that were the beginning of this quilt all but jumped off my shelf a couple of weeks ago and demanded I somehow sew them together to make a quilt.

One was thin and silky cats printed with bright colors.  The other thick with texture, handwoven with some of the same colors, only used differently.

Squares of the two different scarves

It all seemed so easy that I thought it might be too easy and almost didn’t do it.

The rest of the quilt came together a bit more slowly, but not much.  This quilt wanted to be made.  At first, I questioned all those bright colors and simple bold shapes.  But they worked, so I let them.

And when I added the old hexagon quilt pieces, it felt like they were my signature.

But I struggled for a name and to know what the quilt was really about.  So when Cynthia emailed me referring to the quilt as the Laurel Burch, I thought she meant the trees.  But then looked at the signature I had cut off the scarf and could see it read Laurel Burch.

She was an artist, not a tree.  And the colorful cats were recognizably hers.

So I looked up the meanings of Laurel and Birch Trees.  It was Victory and Glory for the Laurel and New Beginnings for the Birch.

I decided on the name Glory for the quilt, because I felt as if I had overcome something making it.  That I had triumphed over an old belief although, at that point, I still wasn’t sure what it was.

But then I read the comment that Renate left on my blog.  “See me.” That’s what I first thought when I looked at the picture.”  she wrote.

All those eyes, and the bright simplicity, that’s exactly what I was saying,  See me.  Different from Look at me, See me is an invitation to know the bare truth.

See me in all my glory, the quilt demands, I’m not afraid to be who I am.

After about a month of rolling anxiety focused around my deciding to ask for monthly donations to my blog and the old fears of inadequacy it brought up in me, I had come to a place where I was finally feeling my strength and belief in myself as I never had before.

Now I know it was that kind of courage that I was experiencing when I made this quilt.  Renate saw it before I did, but that was what was going on inside of me and it manifested in  “See Me.”

“See Me” is  Sold for sale in my Etsy Shop or you can email me about it here.   It’s 66″ x78 1/2″ and is $425 + $20 shipping.

Here are some more photos of “See Me.”

A detail of the quilt with the piece of fabric with Laurel Burch’s signature from the scarf on it.
on of the old quilt hexagons that I cut in half and reworked to use in the quilt.
The back of the quilt.


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