Doily Woman, Still A Mystery To Me

Doily woman

I figured out what to do with my Doily Woman.  I’m keeping her on the old quilt backing and outlining her in red so she’s more visible against the lattice or pie crust design.

This is how I’m going to do it.

The new piece of backing on the right.

I cut a new piece of the old quilt for the background.  I’m removing the red squares that will be under the Doily Woman then I’ll transfer her onto the new backing and sew the red squares around her like an outline or aura.  Then I’ll sew her down.

Removing the old red squares

Removing the old red squares is tedious to do, but an important part of the process for me.

In literally undoing the stitches that another woman sewed so long ago, I’m rearranging the old quilt into something new. And it’s a way for me to honoring her work.  I imagine there are few other people who are as close to those stitches as she and I am.

As I often do, I want to keep with the traditional idea of using scraps for quilting and repurposing the fabric.  And of course, the red squares are all the same color.

I thought about adding another color, even another red and I just couldn’t see it.  There’s something in keeping  and using the red squares that had meaning for me that I can’t quite grasp yet.  But I trust it.

I thought of using a completley differnt piece of fabric for the background, but each time I thought of something else to use, it didn’t have the same feeling, the same power.  She grew out of that background, I don’t want to uproot her.

Doily Woman is a mystery to me, but the more I work on her, the more I understand her.





5 thoughts on “Doily Woman, Still A Mystery To Me

  1. Maria, the first thing name that came to mind when I looked at your creation was, Lacey Tart…
    What a cheeky woman you’ve created and the juxtaposition between that old quilt and today’s woman, wow, what fun. I’ll be interested to see where you go with this.
    Sandy Proudfoot

  2. I read this new post about doily woman as I’m sitting here meditating on Root chakra which holds the color read, and it told me that your beautiful woman is at home on the red color, the color of life, from which we all arise as she is arising for you. She is showing you the way. Root chakra is in our bodies the source of life — the vision of her has come from your source and she will continue to teach you. We are so blessed to watch you be a vessel for this.

    1. Oh Ruth, I’m tearing up reading your ideas about my doily woman. Of course, I’m thinking as I read it. Okay I have to think about this some more, or maybe not think as much as feel it. Thank you. And your typo is just that, I got it.

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